Whole Foods Supplements 3-Day Sale January 24-26

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market

The new year is upon us, and we’re inundated with ways to take care of ourselves. In an effort to help us stay on track, Whole Foods Market is having an unprecedented 3-day sale on ALL of their supplements. Head to your local Whole Foods Market (if you’re in the Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas, or Hawaii markets) for a great Whole Foods Sale Friday through Sunday, January 24th-26th – 25% off ALL Supplements!

I know you can get supplements from many stores, but what you put in your body to keep it healthy is especially important. Why spend money on something that’s not going to give you the benefits you’re expecting. My naturopathic doctor always stresses to me that buying my vitamins and supplements solely on price isn’t a good idea. She told me about a study where patients were found to never digest or use the supplements because they never broke down or were used by the body because of their low quality.

This sale is the perfect opportunity to stock up on products that are not only good for you but will actually be beneficial to you. And given that Whole Foods Market is very discerning about the products they carry, you know you won’t get any fillers, sweeteners, or artificial colors.

Even if you haven’t been hit with a cold or flu, you’ll want to use this opportunity to grab products for the whole family to help with coughs, aches, and pains. Boiron Oscillococcinum and Chestal, as well as some Ricola Lozenges are good to have on hand for adults and kids alike.

If it’s weight loss you’re focused on, there is a vast choice of protein powders, electrolyte supplements, and meal replacement products. You know you’re getting high quality products to help you meet your goals. And at 25% off you can add in wellness boosters, probiotics, or even a 7-Day cleanse to amp up your results.

I’ll be heading to my local store to stock up on my homeopathic remedy products, flax seeds, and some Oscillo and Chestal (can’t ever be without these!). But I’m also excited to use this sale to try out things like chia seeds. If you’re not normally a Whole Foods Market shopper, find the closest store and head on over.  While I wish it was a national promotion, this time around it is limited to stores in the Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas, or Hawaii markets. You can also check out Whole Foods on Twitter or find Whole Foods on Facebook and find new ways to enjoy the stores.

What’s on you list?

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