November 16, 2010

Wii Sports Resort Giveaway [CLOSED]


No, not me! My friend Carrie is giving away TWO COPIES of Wii Sports Resort. She went to an event with her sister and they both got a copy in their SWAG bags. Carrie is super cool, I met her in real life at BlogHer and also when I’ve visited the Bay Area. So if you have a Wii and it didn’t come with Wii Sports Resort then go to her site and leave a comment on her post. Really, it’s that easy! Do you want to win a copy of Wii Sports Resort? Then click on any of the Wii Sports Resort links and you’ll be taken to her site – like magic!

Thanks, Carrie, of Carrie Actually fame, for letting me know about this. Perfect timing for all the gift-giving needs approaching.

Disclosure: I’m not entering her giveaway because I already have this. Also, Carrie didn’t give me anything to tell you about this giveaway.

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