Year of Awesome 3.0

Tower of Pisa

Year of Awesome 2.0 is now history. It was a bit of a roller coaster at times, but what would a Year of Awesome be if there weren’t a few dips and turns and maybe even a loop-the-loop or two.

Today I begin Year of Awesome 3.0 because, well, that’s what I’m gonna do! There is so much magnificence in the world, my desire is to try and capture it daily. It’s not an easy task, but it’s a challenge I will continue to pursue.

BabyGirl took that photo of me when we were in Pisa, Italy. You can’t go there and not take such a goofy photo. I think she did a great job considering she had to deal with glare and reflection from the iPhone. Going to Italy with her was truly one of the highlights of last year. Looking back on the year, I can see the big picture much better. And I do have to say it was pretty awesome.

I had wonderful experiences – speaking at conferences and universities, visiting with friends, seeing BabyGirl excel and continue to work hard toward her goals, laughing (but not quite enough), learning, making new friends and saying goodbye to one. I was open and honest about a family tragedy and blown away by the love and support that enveloped me. For over a week I lived in a world of fairies, pixie dust, pirates, mice and manifestations of amazing imaginations – Disney World. Then there was meeting the encouraging and insightful Marianne Williamson and Dr. Robert Holden. And I capped off the year with a trip to Italy. One that I will forever hold dear to me.

But the year was not without challenge. The fear of losing my grandmother weighed heavily several times. But at 91 she’s not ready to go. She’s got more living to do. Despite her setbacks she came out fighting, not yet ready to give up. I have a lot to learn from her.

As I enter my 44th year, I know the stories that will be told and experienced this year will be as magnificent as I allow. I choose to surround myself only with people who will lift me up and bring a smile to my face. The saying that “Life’s Too Short” may be cliche but it’s true. Whether it’s 95 years or just a few, we’ll never ask for another day so we can be beaten down.

My motto this year is Live Fierce! Not just for me, but to elevate those around me to do so too. Why settle for ordinary when extraordinary is possible?

You don’t have to wait until your birthday to start your Year of Awesome, start it today! Live Fierce with me.

So, what are you waiting for? What’s the BEST that can happen?


Author: Sara

Sara is a life-long dreamer, creating a list of things she wants to do "someday". Realizing there is no "someday" on the calendar she's taking the steps to make her somedays a reality. Between saving for retirement and college and paying for all the usual things, many women find that they're often putting their hopes and dreams on hold. Saving For Someday is Sara's way of encouraging women everywhere to find ways to save on the ordinary so they can do the extraordinary. Sara is also a licensed attorney and writes about legal issues affecting bloggers, content creators and online professionals. This blog is for informational purposes only. You can also find me on Google+

4 thoughts on “Year of Awesome 3.0”

  1. What an eventful year. It will be hard to equal that. “Live Fierce”…I love it. I will start today with you.

    1. So glad you’re joining me to “Live Fierce”, it’s really going to be a fantastic year!

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