You Can Always Get Free Shipping On Amazon


I love shopping at  Raise your hand if you do too.  Keep ’em up, there are a lot of you and I can’t count that fast.  Ok, hands down.  That was a lot of people!

One of the things I love most about (well, after all the great prices) is that you can almost always get free Super Saver Shipping.  Every once in awhile though, the item I want to buy (for example, a book) puts me just shy of the $25 needed for the free shipping.  Hmmm, what to do?  Do I buy something I don’t need just to get my total up to $25 or do I suck it up and just pay shipping.

What irks me most is when I’m so close and I have no idea what I could buy for $0.11 to help me get the free shipping.  But, I think I have found the solution — Amazon Filler Item!  What a genius website.  You go HERE and enter the amount of money you need to get to your $25 total for the free shipping and a list of items comes up.  Even if you don’t need a 2008 issue of Money magazine or some random spark plug, they  cost you pennies and save you over $5 on shipping.

It may seem counter intuitive to spend more money, especially when it will likely be on some random act of weirdness.  However, by spending a few extra pennies you will save BIG TIME on shipping!

Now that’s what I call being a smart AND frugal shopper!  So next time you’re buying something at and need something extra to get yourself free shipping, head over to Amazon Filler Item and find a way to add a few pennies to your Saving for Someday account.

Author: Sara

Sara is a life-long dreamer, creating a list of things she wants to do "someday". Realizing there is no "someday" on the calendar she's taking the steps to make her somedays a reality. Between saving for retirement and college and paying for all the usual things, many women find that they're often putting their hopes and dreams on hold. Saving For Someday is Sara's way of encouraging women everywhere to find ways to save on the ordinary so they can do the extraordinary. Sara is also a licensed attorney and writes about legal issues affecting bloggers, content creators and online professionals. This blog is for informational purposes only. You can also find me on Google+

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